A Breath of Fresh Air

Since I started freelancing from home, I don’t go out much. In fact, one could say that I go out very rarely. After all, people are jerks. Outside is expensive and loud and causes cancer on my pasty white skin. I go for walks when the weather is not being dumb–usually between 4 and 7 in the morning.

Plenty of people wasted no time in telling me how “unhealthy” it is that I stay inside. Don’t I know that D Vitamins don’t replace actual sunlight (remember, I have non-lethal skin cancer that could turn lethal via sunlight)??? Haven’t I heard how important it is for me to interact with other humans? Blah Blah Blah. Honestly, I interact with people I like–mainly online. I also invite people over when I want to see them. And yeah, I do go out sometimes. But only when I want to–because aside from doctors and shopping–I don’t NEED to.

Now that the weather is less stupid, I’ve been leaving the door wall open all day. Oh yeah, I’ve also been getting up during the day. I seem to get more done that way. Having fresh air in here all the time makes me feel more awake. Then more tired. WAY more tired. Just having the door wall open makes me feel like I’ve been at the beach all day. That’s weird, right?

Isn’t that weird?