Breakfast Bar Woes

H’s sister, Girl-H introduced me to Lara Bars a few years ago. Damn, they are tasty. They’re made entirely out of dried fruit, tree nuts, and seeds. They’re delicious and healthy without added sugar or tons of fat and salt. I eat them for breakfast a lot. Even though I work from home, I don’t really get it together to make breakfast. Sometimes I have a Fage yogurt, but if left to my own devices, I tend to eat the same kind of cereal I ate when I was 10.

Anyway, my favorite Lara Bar is the Uber cherry cobbler. It’s most dry cherries, figs, and almonds. It’s not all ground up and smooshed into a bar like their other bars, everything is left pretty much whole. Delicious! Yeah, kind of expensive, but the portion control is worth it.
And then Meijer decided not to carry them. I went to the herb website that sells them by the case for cheap. No dice. Finally I went to Amazon, where they have 16 count boxes on sale for $20. Clearance.
It really seems like they’re discontinuing my favorite bar.

Meijer offers a new bar, called KIND. As a pothead, that’s pretty funny.
KING bars come in great sounding flavors that include dried blueberries and pomegranates, pistachios and cashews. I try a few. They are tasty, but very sweet. Some of them even have chocolate in them.
After reading the label I see that not only are KIND bars more expensive than LARA bars, but they have added sugar and are about 1/3 puffed rice. Puffed rice is a lame filler with basically no nutritional value. So I’m bummed.

Movie-wise, I watched The Fury for the first time in years. This was Brian DePalma’s next film after Carrie, and it also stars Amy Irving. Daryl Hannah is in it, right around age 16. Dennis Franz is skinny in it, with a full head of hair. Not as good as I remember, but it’s always fun to see John Cassavettes play a double crossing a-hole in stuff.

Gonna try to get H to watch Sinster this week since he still hasn’t seen it. I may have to sit through the new Riddick in trade.
Worth it.

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