Child, in the building

As most of you know, my relationship with children is complex.
There are plenty of individual children that I enjoy very much. I like talking with them, buying them presents, hanging out, watching movies–a lot of the stuff I like to do anyway is more fun to do with an enthusiastic young kid.

Also…some kids are annoying little shits. It’s usually not their fault, since they always have at least one parent who’s also an annoying shit. But once a kid gets to be 12 or 13, they know damn well when they’re being little assholes, and they need to stop that shit if they want an invite to my home.

There’s a kid living in my building now. She screams at the top of her lungs on a regular basis, and for no apparent reason. Now, I expect this to happen at home–where I might occasionally hear it from my own apartment. If this was a sometime thing, it wouldn’t be that annoying. But it happens at all hours (and this is ME, of no fixed schedule saying that). She screams in the hallway, while running up and down the stairs, and just outside our bedroom window. Okay, that’s “outside” and kids should probably have outside places where they can scream–but dammit, there shouldn’t be a kid screaming outside my bedroom window for hours at a time.
Worst part is? She’s never alone. There’s always a parent with her–one that doesn’t seem to think that the screaming in the hall, up and down the stairs, whenever they enter or exit the building–is a problem.

I’m certainly petty and manic enough to want to place some speakers directly outside this family’s door and treat them to some German industrial music when they least expect it. But it might also be nice if there was a way to say “Shut your kid up, why don’t you,” and not have it sound like “You are a terrible parent, and might should try doing better before I kick your ass.” I’m told that my opinions on other people’s parenting can seem judgy and rude. At the same time, I think parents only get shitty about my parenting observations when they know damn well that I’m right. *snerk*