The time change only went into effect 2 days ago, and what appears to be seasonal depression has already hit me in the face like a fucking cinder block–except I can’t make a makeshift shelf out of it. Ha HA! Yeah, expect a lot of compensating laughter and sarcasm as I attempt to throw off debilitating depression and complete the NaNoWriMo.

I have almost no work to do this month, aside from 6 Pear articles and some work for one client who surely won’t be able to wait. Not sure if media consulting work is a good idea for me. My head almost exploded during the last 2 hour phone consult I had–a vain attempt to help someone understand what Twitter is and how it works. I’m always amused at how shocked new writers are when I explain how much marketing work is ahead of them. Make lists of places to send press releases? Wait, I need a press release? Wait, I need to market? Wait, my book won’t just magically appear in bookstores everywhere? No. No, it won’t.

Recently I added a fellow writer at one of the sites I write for. Woke up to some incredible comments to the affect of “If THEY don’t want cops to [blah blah blah] then they shouldn’t keep [blah blah blah] followed by a statement about how a line from Tupac somehow invalidates the entire Black Lives Matter movement. It was fucking surreal. It’s bad enough that anyone could think the Fright Night remake sucks, or that the 1990 Night of the Living Dead is better than the original. But overt racism followed by how mean everyone is for saying it’s racist? W. T. F.

Starting the month angry, depressed, irritated, and stressed is no way to be. I gotta figure a way out of this. I skipped the doc today, which was probably not a very good start. But I have almost no money right now, and almost no work set up this month. *sigh* Here’s a thought–why don’t all of you buy a few of my books or shorts? 😉 Still pretty disgusted at how poorly my shorts are selling, and how they don’t have a single review. That means that even my friends and family can’t be bothered, which is just sad.

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