Fascinating…please DO go on!

Did I ever tell you that offering critique on short story submissions can make an editor come across as a know-it-all bitch?

Because nobody told me…until recently.
Bahahahahahaa– *sigh*

I’m finding this to be a tricky issue to navigate. Someone advised me once that when people submit stories, that they’re asking for my input and critique. That seems logical. At the same time, authors might just want their stuff published in our mag. So once I say no, they might not give a crap about my opinion. Anything said after that point might just come across as a boring lecture.

I never give personal feedback of more than 3 sentences–I haven’t yet, anyway. I tend to offer feedback if I think the story is missing something really obvious, if the grammar is godawful, or if I really like (or want to) like the story but can’t for some reason. Even more problematic is when I have to decline stories from people I actually know. This sucks. In fact, it sucks so bad that I’d almost rather accept everything my buddies send so I don’t ever have to explain why I don’t want to use it. But that would make me an asshole.

The important thing here is, subscriptions are affordable, and you totally deserve to get yourself one.
And also, this magazine stuff is hard.
It’s fun, but it’s crazy hard.

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