Game of Thrones

Pretty stoked for GoT to come back next week, more stoked to be reviewing it in exchange for actual monies. Finishing a rewatch of 1-3 and noticed something I hadn’t earlier:

Season 1:
Jon Snow: “I’ve always wanted to be a ranger.”
Samwell Tarly: “I’ve always wanted to be a wizard.”
*both men laugh*

Season 3:
Samwell Tarly: *says some stuff he learned from books*
Gilly Craster: “You know all that, just from staring at marks on paper?”
Samwell: “Yes, I suppose so.”
Gilly: “You’re like…a wizard.”

Sam loves Gilly even more because she sees him the way he wishes he was. Of course, he’s also brave as fuck and has no idea. I love Samwell Tarly, even though he’s sort of a copy of Samwise Gamgee.

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