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Continuing our theme of 2016 has been the absolute worst year in my adult life, our complex sent us a note threatening to kick us out because there are stains on our carpet. Apparently, this complex is so super nice that our filthy carpet is making them pop their monocles. In fairness, the carpet in the hallway does not look nice. But they actually accused us of having “ground in cat feces” in the carpet, which just typing that made me gag with disgust. I typed up a nice note, which I thought I’d share. Because anything, ANYTHING is better than thinking about what happened on Nov 8th. Truth be told, I’m glad to focus my annoyance and frustration on something else.


A few days ago, my husband and I received a note from the Pheasant Run office, threatening to terminate our lease due to a cleaning issue. The note did not specify what the issue was. I phoned the office and was told that maintenance has accused us of having “cat feces ground into the carpet.” This disgusting accusation is, of course, untrue.

There is a stain on our hallway carpet, one that was exacerbated by the breakdown of our old carpet shampooer. In fact, our new carpet shampooer is located in the hallway next to the stain–and was right there while maintenance workers were in our home. I’m unclear as to why a threat was issued to us when it was clear that we were in the process of cleaning the carpets–and indeed had no idea that a carpet stain was a lease violation.

1. I am horrified that the first notice we received regarding a problem included a threat of lease termination. That seems beyond extreme.

2. I am annoyed that one of your maintenance people (I sincerely hope that this was not [the one guy who is competent and nice]) made such a gross assumption about our home. We are told that someone will be coming to “reinspect” our home on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I respectfully ask that you send someone who can discern the difference between feces and say, makeup, hair color, or plain old potting soil. I would also like to state clearly that we do NOT want maintenance personnel in our apartment when we are not here. Members of your staff have vandalized our belongings in the past.

3. I am further upset that after being promised a return call from management, no such call was attempted. When you send a letter to a long-time tenant threatening to kick them out of their home–the least you can do is make yourself available for follow-up questions. The note we received didn’t even mention the carpets. We had to call and ask.

4. Even if what your people said was true–even if the carpet was completely ruined by our cats, we have paid for this carpet several times over. We have been paying an extra $20 per month, per cat, for over 12 years (nearly six thousand dollars on top of our ever-increasing rent). Even if you had to replace all the flooring, inside doors, window screens, and vertical blinds in our apartment–we have already paid for all of that without even dipping into the security deposit. Not to mention, our carpet was worn and had a cigarette burn in it when we moved in in 2004. I’m aware that you charged the previous tenant for this carpet–but never actually replaced it.

You might also consider that threatening to throw out long-time tenants is upsetting, cruel, and adds unnecessary stress to the lives of those who pay to live here. While it has always been painfully obvious that Hartman Tyner doesn’t treat tenants like valued customers, you might still consider treating us like human beings and not annoying vermin messing up your lovely complex.

While I have your attention, we have been asking for new coils for our stovetop for some time. The two in the back have never worked properly–catching on fire during use no matter how they are cleaned. Now the front coils don’t heat up fully or evenly. Our bathroom light does not always turn on properly and seems to have a short. I did inform the maintenance workers about this, but it seems they were too busy critiquing our carpet to address this.

Thank you in advance for your attention,

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