We finally broke down Friday night and turned the heat on. Obvs, heat is expensive and less necessary than air conditioning as far as we’re concerned. Being cold merely means putting on more clothes. Being hot turns our home into a nightmarish hellscape in which no work can be done.

Joke’s on us though, because our heat doesn’t work. Some maintenance guy came by a few weeks ago. He looked at our thermostat, did nothing, then left saying all was well. I now suspect that his job was turning on the heat to make sure it worked. No dice. No heat is not considered an emergency unless you can see your breathe while inside. Dicks.

So hopefully today one of those dickheads will come out here and fix it. Let’s hope he’s able to do this without fucking with my toothbrush (again).

In the mean time, I’m wearing a jacket and hat inside. That means JoJo’s usual trick of scratching the shit out of me to get my attention–doesn’t work. Too much coat for his little claws to manage.

Currently, the temperature reads 61 degrees, but I think it’s actually colder than that. I feel like I just bit into a York peppermint patty, and am now standing on a frozen mountain top.

Also, all you people who have already posted TWD spoilers are assholes. Seriously.