Horror is back.

Watched a couple of movies this week since I’ve been feeling so sad about the world I actually live in.

You’re Next was tremendous fun, if not particularly scary. Family squabbles, creepy masks, and rampant douchebaggery made this blood-soaked funfest a total treat.

Occulus was much more serious, and really quite scary. Katee Sackoff gave a stunning and strong performance as the mom who…well, I won’t spoil it. But the casting of this one went a long way toward bringing truth and real terror to what could have been a simple haunted object film.

However…I KNOW I’ve read a story about a haunted mirror with a small crack in the corner. I know that a guy sees it in some kind of curio shop and doesn’t believe the guy who tells him it’s haunted. Terror and sundry hijinks ensue. That’s all I remember, and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t place the story. Early Stephen King? One from the Clive Barker collections? Tonally, it could have even been Ray Bradbury, but I’m damned if I can remember.

This is gonna drive me crazy.

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