Hunger Games, Die Hard, Whatevs

H and I took a look at Good Day to Die Hard. We didn’t watch it, per se, just took a look. It was super explosiony and lacked any sense of why people liked Die Hard in the first place. Anyway, the movie takes place in Russia. McLean is pissy because everyone is speaking Russian–in RUSSIA. He actually punches a guy at one point because he’s mad that the guy is speaking Russian. That’s basically a hate crime–and he’s the goddamn hero. Lame, and John McLean is just cartoonish at this point. That especially sucks because we know he’s capable of so much more.

Speaking of actors who give us more, film and theatre fans were collectively punched in the dick this weekend with the untimely death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman I won’t belabor the obvious loss to his medium, and to all of us who enjoyed watching him do his thing. In a dream world, he would have played Mikey Goretti in a film version of Kiss Me Like You Love Me. I can’t begin to imagine who I’d cast now.
Anyway, it’s clear to me that the more intuitive a person is, the more difficult it is to deal with what they know. This probably sounds douchey, but I hate the kind of understanding I have of my fellow humans. I further hate that seeing people has not helped me to be more empathetic, though it does lead me to make excuses for keeping people in my life when I know intellectually that they shouldn’t be there. In the end, using intuition, empathy, and understanding to communicate something vital? Awesome, practically the meaning of life. But what’s awesome for society can be excruciating to the individual.

So, I read the Hunger Games trilogy in less than a week. Cut for spoilers and swears )

Imma check out the first two movies when I’m caught up on work. I hear the first is not great but the second is better. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

Still having a tough time with the mag conversions. Getting closer though. I’m told that Under the Bed‘s layout is complicated compared to the other mags. I didn’t really think it was–I’m just trying to make it look nice and have a good vibe. I had a bunch of ideas for stuff I want to do when I’m better with the program. If you’ve checked it out, I’d be grateful for your input on the layout.
Maybe I should get better at cutting myself some slack.
I’m behind with work in general, as are a few of my bosses/editors. I think the cold is slowing us all down.

We watched a horror movie called The Colony, mainly because it was a horror movie and contained Bill Paxton. He didn’t look so good in it, and he was a jerk, and he died. Not a bad movie overall, just really ordinary.

I’ve been buying stuff lately. Got a few pieces of inexpensive jewelry ($13 for both things including shipping!!) that I love. One is a Dumbledore’s Army pendant that looks like a scroll, and the other is a glass egg that looks like there’s a tiny dinosaur embryo inside. It’s badass, and made by one of my fave etsy jewelry chicks. I also had to get a new Logitech Marble Mouse. I swear, it’s the greatest mouse in the world–except that they’re practically disposable. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 2 years out of one. But they’re cheap and work great…until they don’t.
I also got us a living room lamp because it’s damn dark in here with just one. I have a bunch of crafty projects I want to do–many of which are thinkin’ frogs. But I can’t do them because there isn’t enough light. I also got a piece of wood I’m gonna make a ouija board out of, and a cool planchette I found on etsy.

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