My Sweet Baboo

Within a year of meeting H, (summer of 1999) I started referring to him as “Baboo” because of how Sally Brown calls Linus Van Pelt her “sweet Baboo.” I read Peanuts cartoons voraciously as a kid, and had a zillion books of them. So this made perfect sense to me.
Eventually, Baboo was shortened to simply Boo.

I notice now, that “Boo” is a very common thing to call one’s significant other, particularly (but certainly not exclusively) among African Americans. I hear it on Key & Peele last season, and then on Criminal Minds this past week.

My question is, is everyone doing it because of Sally and Linus? Is there another reference for this that I don’t know?

Regardless, I have to give H a new nickname.
For no reason whatsoever, I’ve started calling him “Spaghetti.”

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