On Authoring

I encountered some haters over at Amazon today. Why do I comment? Yeah, I’m not sure. I was looking at GRRM’s book, The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister )

I’m also hearing a lot about how people are refusing to pay to see Ender’s Game. It certainly makes sense to not give money to someone if you think they are a vile person. But let’s look at this rationally… )

Chances are, every movie ever made has at least one person involved in it who thinks something terrible about someone–be it gays, women, minorities, or atheists. Same with books, video games, TV shows, and sporting events. So maybe we could put less emphasis on what we’re NOT seeing, and more on what we’re doing to actually make things better.
Orson Scott Cart would HATE that.
And let’s do something shitty for Fred Phelps while we’re at it. My years of refusing to attend his church aren’t having much of an effect.

If you haven’t seen my new website yet, do check it out.
My cousin Richard made it, and it’s sweet!
I’m starting a newsgroup so I can keep everyone abreast (*snerk*) of my various goings on. So if you’re not boycotting me, please do sign up. 😉

My newest Kinkly article is about Vampires, because it’s almost Halloween. It covers vampires and biting from pre-Christianity through the sparkly kind.

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