Rocky Mountain HiiiiIIIIIIgh Colorado

Humidity is my kryptonite. I’ve always known this, but like many things, people kept telling me that the swelling, muscle cramps, backaches, and other symptoms I had would magically disappear as soon as I lost weight. Even as a young kid–like jr high and early high school I complained about shortness of breath, pains while running (or even speed walking) and was pretty much ignored. Turns out, some of that was from severe sleep apnea that was making me literally insane from lack of sleep. I also had terrible allergies that kept me from breathing freely basically between spring in Halloween.

All summer I’d been feeling physically tired and achey. Even when it was cool, it was humid as shit. I was terribly cranky and uncomfortable–changing my diet didn’t fix it. Glucosamine, extra yoga, nothing seemed to help. Yesterday, I woke up feeling physically awesome and realized it’s because the humidity plummeted. I began to ask myself why the hell I was still living in a state surrounded by water when humidity makes me so damn uncomfortable.

We’re poor as hell, but we’re looking toward moving to Colorado as soon as we can manage it. Granted, that probably won’t be for another two or three years unless one of my many projects takes off.

Why Colorado? It’s dry there, doesn’t carry all the foolishness associated with places like Nevada or Utah. Pueblo Colorado was once the random information capitol of the world, since that’s where you used to could send away for informational pamphlets before there was an internet.
There are 1,500 Ghost Towns in Colorado. That is fucking incredible, and I want to visit every last damn one of them. Michigan has less than 100 and they all suck.
Colorado has a pretty high cost of living in most places. I hear they’re also kind of short on water. For some reason, they also seem to have a higher percentage of violent crime than the country at large. I wonder what’s up with that? Radiation from the Stanley Hotel? Ha! Anyway, the money I’d save from growing my own pot would probably offset a lot of that.
Seriously though, I would feel awesome living in a low humidity place. H’s job is such that he can transfer to pretty much anyplace–probably for a better wage. I work from home, of course, so that wouldn’t matter.

Wouldn’t that be neat?

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