Schroedingers’s Ramis:

So Harold Ramis died.

No, wait…he didn’t.

Actually yeah, he did.

What the fucking hell, man? I know that troll levels on the Internets can be both plentiful and passionate about fucking with people anonymously for no damn reason. It’s like an entire counter culture made up of sociopaths who lie for fun. They couldn’t ALL be abused children in denial–surely some of these trolls are just assholes at heart, right?

Seriously though, some of these trolls are like yelling FIRE in a crowded…world. Trolls of this type make people jaded, cynical, and angry. It’s the kind of shit that desensitizes us and makes people unwilling to care about others. And before anybody gives me that “People shouldn’t take the internet so seriously…” or “People shouldn’t believe anything/everything they hear on the Internets” shit–let me remind you that the Internets are where most people get their news, do their socializing, and even work. Whether or not you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing–people shouldn’t be fucking around with that for “fun.” If you think upsetting complete strangers with made-up bullshit is fun–get thee to a psychiatrist poste haste! Seriously.

Entire websites that are nothing but troll? Who thinks it’s a good idea to build, fund, and maintain such a thing? What kind of sick mind thinks posting nothing but deceitful clickbait is a good use of time and energy?!? I really don’t understand the mindset behind this sort of thing…other than general sociopathy. Really–what the fuck is wrong with people.

I have fucking had it with this shit.

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