“Slimdown” causes strife for people who should have thought of that before…

Big political news means that, if I remain on social media, that I’ll be reminded over and over which people I went to school with/used to work with/am peripherally related to are fucking batshit insane.

I have a cousin who supported Citizens United because she honestly believes that money and speech are the same thing. That if we limit the businesses right to give unlimited money to politicians–that we’re taking away their right to free speech. I…I still have no words for this, and it still happens.

I went to high school with dozens of people who think the ACA literally has death panels and that insurance companies’ top concern is taking care of patients. I also went to school with lots of middle class people who think everyone on welfare (even though many of them got Free Lunch back in the day) is lazy and “refuses” to work. Honestly, how can you live in a poor city like Hazel Park and honestly think it’s not possible to work and still be poor? It’s fucking delusional.

This is not old news. I know this. But I hate being reminded of how many of these utter loons stumble through life with this crazy idea that no one is working as hard as them, no one deserves the same things they have, and no one deserves any help at all until utter loons like them personally vet their situation and decide that they’re not “at fault.” Because if you’ve ever made a bad decision, fuck you–starve!

Now I’m hearing how it’s “Not our problem” that war widows aren’t getting their death benefits, or kids aren’t no longer able to eat the meager crap their parents used to be able to afford. But heaven for-fucking-fend that a monument be closed. *shakes fist* Obaaaaah-maaaaah!!!

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