The JoJo Report

JoJo went to HVHS (the vet) today. It was a relatively painless ordeal for all concerned. He’s been licking so much that now the inside of both back legs and the bottom of his belly are both largely bald. But–no scabs, no infection or redness. Just a whole lot of licking for no good reason. Also, tiny patches on the back of his front legs.

I managed to get him in the carrier all by myself. This is kind of a big deal. He howled like the world was ending. We joked that he might actually be turning into a werewolf he was howling so damn loud.

HVHS was super nice and easy to deal with. They loved how beautiful and chill he was. I mean, he was loud and nervous, but with that in mind he was very good. They gave him fancy food and trimmed his nails for the lowest price because he behaved so well.

They think he has contact dermatitis. We need to shampoo our carpet and look into what’s different about his litter. They took a skin scraping from him but didn’t notice anything unusual. They’re gonna call us back later with test results, but his health seems otherwise very good.

He’s home now. We could have given him a steroid shot, but decided against it. They were really great at HVHS, and everything was only $77. I gave an extra $20 for donation because it was less than I was expecting, and because they were great. I’m relieved that there’s nothing seriously wrong with my little man, but really wish he’d stop all that damn licking.

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