The Unbearable Lack of Shame

Feeling pretty good about being an American right now:

Obamacare held up despite a hilariously nonsensical Alito dissent.

Marriage Equality made the law of the land, also despite a hilariously nonsensical Alito dissent.

First Amendment protections defended unanimously, albeit for different reasons.

Removing the Confederate Flag from state license plates is NOT ruled to be a first amendment violation. Side note: Are there really still “Sons of Confederate Veterans?” Alive, I mean.

Threatening people online ruled, essentially, fucked up. 8 out of 9 ruled that people should go to jail behind that shit.

States can make laws against judges asking their supporters for money. This is huge, since it’s a rampant problem most people didn’t know about. (Thanks, John Oliver)

Redistricting by Race also ruled fucked up, despite hilariously nonsensical Alito dissent.

Pregnancy discrimination is Right Out.

Even prisoners get religious freedom.

This 4th of July, I might do something I don’t normally do: actually celebrate America. Suck it, King George the first!