I’m trying to say as little as possible about Trump, while still not ignoring his more vile tendencies. I can’t imagine that he could ever actually win the presidency. The primaries are mostly wank for the majority of candidates. I’m honestly not sure Trump wants to be POTUS in the first place. But since he’s never done anything with skill, honesty, or integrity, I wouldn’t expect him to be honest about his true intentions.

I’m not surprised that Republicans and “undecided” voters gravitate toward a showman who lives to shock people with the asinine things he says. I should think the main reason other Republicans don’t like Trump is that it’s highly possible that he’ll get the GOP nomination. And that there’s no way in hell that he can win.

It’s also looking like Hilldog is not gonna get her wish this time around either. Bernie would have to fall seriously ill (or worse) to lose this thing to her. Yeah, she has a ton of experience and would do a passable job. But she’s not really going to do shit about income inequality, the minimum wage, veterans affairs, campaign finance, and a lot of other shit that’s fucking things up for everyone who isn’t upper-middle class or above.

Honestly, I think what I hate most about Trump this week is that he actually makes me want to defend Megyn Kelly. But dammit, the enemy of my enemy can’t always be my friend. She truly is a vile woman.

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