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Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Chuck Hodi
Interview from 2011

Face it, to many people horror means movies.  This is even more true of Zombies.  The movie remains the dominant milieu for undead entertainment.  Sure, there are some great zombie lit being written, and some sweet zombie shooter games around.  Every now and again, we hear an awesome song or discover a thrilling, scary zombie graphic novel.  Rarer still is the visual artist who brings you evocative, horrific, and undead genius in a single still. 

I’m speaking here of visual artist Chuck Hodi.  Chuck’s work can be found in the homes of many savvy horror connoisseurs, myself included.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us, and share some of his whimsically undead work.


WLF/ZZN: Okay, let’s start with an easy one.  Horror.  Why? 

Hehe! Sounds like something my mom would ask me, “Son, why do you draw things like that?” Kidding! I’m going to be completely honest with you: it’s because horror puts a smile on my face!

WLF/ZZN: Many so-called serious critics disavow the validity of horror as an art form.  As someone who creates horrific art, how would you respond to that? 

I think it’s just a matter of preference, horror isn’t for everyone. If everyone liked Horror and Dark Art, then what would be the point? I feel that getting a reaction whether it’s good or bad is better than nothing! Through out the years, I’ve had people ask why I draw such dark imagery. Now my portfolio is huge and I’ve gained a larger fan base that has proved to square people that I am hopeless! Haha!

WLF/ZZN: You work largely in black and white.  Do you think this is more effective than color when depicting horror?  Why or why not?

Far as Horror goes, I feel that black and white is more eerie and serious, which sometimes just works better than sloppy blood and gore. 

WLF/ZZN: What role does art play in your overall zombie survival plan? 

Since of my specialties as an artist is zombifying people, paradoxically speaking the only survivors would be Zombies!

WLF/ZZN: Which art supplies do you think will be most effective as anti-zombie weapons? 

Exacto knife! Seems to be the most dangerous and fun!

WLF/ZZN: Modest Mussorgsky has said that "Art is not an end in itself, but a means of addressing humanity."    Who are you addressing with your work, and how afraid should they be? 

With some of my art, I like to give off an eerie and depressed emotion filtered with a trapped aggression, kind of like you’re breathing your last breathe. Far as humanity is concerned, push ctrl-alt-delete! Like I said, this is with only some of my art. Ohhh, there’s nothing to be afraid of because in my eyes death is the end of pain! I’m pretty positive, aren’t I? 

WLF/ZZN: How many different ways has ZZN inspired you, your work, and your love of zombies? 
It’s quite simple, when I see a network dedicated to zombies, especially this one, I just get motivated. It’s like a contagious disease to me. This site rules!

WLF/ZZN:  Zombie fans differ on their definition of zombies.  Some insist that a zombie must be undead, while other accept rage or otherwise infected persons as zombies.  What is your stance on this highly divisive issue? 

If you’re a Zombie, you’re technically dead. If you’re infected, you’re still alive. That’s my stance on the issue.  (WLF note: Grrrrrr, I strenuously disagree—with all respect to Mr. Hodi)

WLF/ZZN: Is there another medium you’d like to try your hand at? 

Nope! I’ve tried painting and f*cking hate it! I’m just a drawer!

WLF/ZZN: Do you have a favorite zombie? 

You better believe it! Actually I have four favorite Zombies. My Zombie Golden Girls! You just can’t go wrong! Ridiculously WTF! The funny thing is that I drew these when they all were still alive!

WLF/ZZN: Thanks so much for talking the time to talk with us, Chuck.  You rock! 

Chuck Hodi is findable at Etsy (and presumably NOT Regretsy), and at his professional website.  Contact Chuck at [email protected].

Contact: http://chuckhodi.net




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