I literally wish John Boehner would kill himself.

Yes, that’s a terrible thing to say. Depression, suicide, mental illness, self-harm–none of these are funny or good. But goddammit, if your only life-plan is really about fighting against people getting healthcare, being fed and educated, or being able to vote without having to spend money to do so–fuck right the hell off. If the […]


Even if you’ve never seen an ep of Dexter in your life, you’ve probably heard people bitching about the finale online. See, any show that’s been on TV for longer than one season will have haters after the finale–no exception. If I liked the finale, the haters can shut up. If I didn’t like it–well, […]

Dev notes

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My New Friend

Remember last February, when I bought myself a set of Max pajamas from Where the Wild Things Are? Well, I did. And they are adorable. I posted a few snaps of me in them, taken by H (my husband who thinks I’m totally hot). I later put them on Pinterest, on my board “Fat People […]

Don’t Judge Me for Judgin’

Lots of you know that I’m a fan of Health at Every Size. This is a philosophy that essentially says I’m going to eat as well as I can, and exercise regularly. If that doesn’t make me lose weight, so fucking what. I’m also a fan of Size Acceptance. This means that if you have […]

Busy, I’ve been it.

For all the work I’ve been doing, you’d think I’d have a lot more money. Right now I’m doing 3 TV reviews a week: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and Under the Dome. Two of those shows are ending in the next 3 weeks. Then I’m picking up Hostages and American Horror Story: Coven. My new column […]

You had me at “Traditionalist American”

So…the KKK is seeking fresh, white blood. They tossed a whole bunch of recruitment flyers all over a Tennessee town. Why? Obamacare is about to take effect. Haters are about to find out what the inside of a doctor’s office looks like while still having enough money left over to live indoors. Personally, I’m pretty […]

Best Dishes

Before I begin with today’s post, I just have to say:How in the name of complete and utter fuck is it September already? Moving on…When I was on college, I once whipped up some green bean casserole after a night of drinking and et cetera. A couple of my friends were amazed by it. “Green […]