If I had more free time on my hands, I’d spend a day making a supercut vid of black friday crowds (why you gotta bring race into it?) with Goblin music over it. Because if people are gonna keep making WWZ and DotD zombie horde jokes about BF shoppers, why not make it incredible? And […]


My birthday party was well attended and a lot of fun. The trifle was a huge success. The queso dip got overcooked in the crock pot and ended up grainy by the end of the night. It was pretty tasty for a while though. I got some presents:Rob Zombie lunchboxglass nail file that is awesome […]

Observational Humor

You know how online, someone you kind of know will make a joke using dry wit or sarcasm? And if you notice that they’re doing that, you might play along?Because humor is humorous and jokes are jokey? But then you do that, and the other person explains to you that they were “only joking?” And […]

Stuff I like:

My birthday party is this weekend. I get so giddy with child-like glee for my birthday party. Lots of my favorite peeps come over and we eat yummy food, play games, and enjoy general merriment. It’s like Christmas, but just for me and a select group of comrades.Ya’ll should come if you’re in the area. […]


I’m getting much closer to figuring out the epub and mobi conversions for my beautiful magazine layouts. Turns out, I just have to make 2 different versions of each issue so the epub and mobi will look as awesome (though different) than the pdf. It would be nice if pdfs were easier to read on […]

Internet Corrections:

Hey Internets, I see enough of this crap around that I’m just gonna correct everyone at once. 1. It’s possible to drive a Prius and not be gay, a wimp, a liberal, or a self-righteous asshole. Also, judging someone by their car makes you lazy and dumb. 2. Chris Christie’s biggest and most mockable problem […]

Maggy Wag and Stuffy Wuff

Hey kids, the November issue of Under the Bed is available now in all formats. So that’s awesome. Only $3.99 per issue Or… Subscribe to save some dough. Only $1.99 per issue, or $19.99 for the whole year. AND you can try us out for FREE for two weeks. Neat, eh? Tech-wise, I’m still having […]


I complain too much, which is why I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of assholes in the world who go around doing stupid shit. But dammit, I gotta stop focusing on that so much. With that in mind, here is a list of shit I am grateful […]