Schroedingers’s Ramis:

So Harold Ramis died. No, wait…he didn’t. Actually yeah, he did. What the fucking hell, man? I know that troll levels on the Internets can be both plentiful and passionate about fucking with people anonymously for no damn reason. It’s like an entire counter culture made up of sociopaths who lie for fun. They couldn’t […]

Wait, what now?

Found out today that someone I used to know pretty well has started collecting…well, they’re calling it “World War II memorabilia.” But I think we all know what we’re talking about here: Nazi shit. Shit with swastikas on it, death certificates from The Camps. I don’t mind saying that Nazi shit scares the hell out […]

Wednes Your Weekend

You’ll all be thrilled to know that the 2nd edition of A Stabbing for Sadie is available now wherever fine eBooks are sold. I imagine Amazon is where most of you will be picking up this awesomely edited, vastly improved version of my debut novel. Smashwords also has it in a variety of DRM free […]

Hunger Games, Die Hard, Whatevs

H and I took a look at Good Day to Die Hard. We didn’t watch it, per se, just took a look. It was super explosiony and lacked any sense of why people liked Die Hard in the first place. Anyway, the movie takes place in Russia. McLean is pissy because everyone is speaking Russian–in […]

Okay seriously with the bad news…

A classmate of mine died last night after having a stroke last week. He had a wife, kids, and grandkids. He was also the Other Fat Kid when we were in school. Hearing that he died from a combination of untreated high blood pressure and unmanaged diabetes–for lack of a better phrase, scares the ever-loving […]