Wish I had some willpower

If I’m trying to be more positive, going on the internet after a polarizing news event is something best avoided. But no…I read all the stories including a transcript of that absurd manifesto. I read all through the #YesAllWoman tag on Twitter until it was hijacked by ugly haters. I fully expect all the pro-control […]

Who I am versus what I do:

Was reading a book called Horror 101 which is a collection of essays about working in the horror industry. One of them suggested that in social media, topics like politics or religion are best avoided. If you’re trying to build up a following, it’s best not to be “preachy” or angry or aggressively passionate about […]


Been trying not to do the thing where I make a long depressing, complainy-pants post in the middle of the night. But I want to. But I won’t. Yes, I *would* like a cookie. Thank you so much for asking.

I’m gonna go get the papers…get the papers.

There’s a book I was trying to remember that I read in school. Or maybe it was read to me. Probably 4th grade or so, but could have been anytime between 2nd and 6th. It was about a kid who does something innocuous, not anything illegal or particularly mean. He gets sent to a kid […]

TV news

It’s May, which means all the new TV news is coming down. You don’t need to be clairvoyant to figure out that Agents of Shield will be back for another season. There’s also gonna be a spinoff, and it’s not the wacky adventures of HYDRA. Too bad. Larry Wilmore has been tagged to be Stephen […]

The first year of…anything.

I’m nearing the one year anniversary of my involvement with the mag. Granted, the first issue of Under the Bed didn’t go live until August, but I started working for eFiction in June, and put out the last issue of eHorror before I magically transformed it into what it is today. The first year was […]