Why would you ask me that?

I’ve been solicited for advice by a friend who’s about to have a baby. They want to know whether it’s been difficult going through life with a weird name. More specifically, they wanted to hear that giving their kid a weird name (not a weird spelling of a regular name, which I hear is also […]

Really, HBO?

As many of you probably know, GRRM has give HBO the broad strokes of the A Song of Ice and Fire in case he…you know, dies before he can finish writing it. During Season 4, HBO decided to release a giant book spoiler on their website. I don’t mean for something readers know about because […]


LinkedIn reminded people to wish me a happy Work Anniversary, because I’ve been doing Under the Bed magazine for a whole year. I know, right? Have you read an issue? If so, you might should review it on Amazon. If you haven’t, see me for a free issue so you can take a look-see before […]

Jim Carrey

It’s really a shame that Jim Carrey’s career began with Fire Marshall Bill and Ace Ventura. If he wasn’t so awesome, he could have been saddled with that crap forever the way people still think “Whoa!” or “Duuuude” when Keanu Reeves is mentioned in any context. I love him in stuff, Eternal Sunshine of the […]

The Other “F” Word

My new computer is awesome, but Mavericks is a little annoying. Plus I found out the hard way that we needed a new modem. I was not online for over a day (it was almost 2 days, but H fixed it). New modem will be here tomorrow, supposedly. But that’s not what I wanted to […]

Really? Today, really?

I’m about to complain about something. I’m going to ask this one time, that if this is something you do/have done, that you not bitch me out for having the nerve to complain about it. It’s something that bugs the shit out of me, even as I realize it is not usually done with cruel […]

Short Stories

I’m working on a short story right now, called Irises about a little girl making a bouquet for her Mother and Daddy. I pondered it for weeks before I started writing it, and it’s still like pulling teeth. I don’t know why it’s such slow going. I’m also wondering why I should continue writing it […]

Let’s Talk About Guns, Baby!

Actually, I want to talk about gun rights activists–the wacky kind. Reasonable people can disagree on which gun regulations have the most effect, as well as on the percentage of gun owners who are careful, responsible, and compliant with the laws governing gun purchase, storage, and use. The two extremes of the gun argument seem […]