Feeling pretty awesome right now.Not so much because I’m doing great things, but because I’m trying my very best to do great things. I feel better physically when I exercise. Instead of just knowing that and making excuses for why I’m not doing it–I’m doing it and feeling it and it’s all good. Ditto money […]

“Summer” time

It’s in quotes because it was 66 degrees yesterday. Even for Michigan, that’s a bit of a WTF. Summer also used to be a barren wasteland for TV. This summer I’m reviewing Under the Dome (which sucks) and hate-watching the last season of True Blood, because closure. However, Defiance is back and awesome. Maron has […]

Strange Little Short

I’m bummed to admit that my new short story will not come together in time for the submission deadline. This sucks. I thought about that story for a really long time, and was quite taken with the concept. But it just never came together and was a horrific exercise in typing and deleting, typing and […]


I need to do something else.But I don’t know what. I need to change…something.Not exactly sure what that might be. More often than not, I feel mentally and physically like crap. Sore, stiff, tired, stressed…I don’t know. The docs don’t know, but have suggested a diet pill which makes me think I need to look […]