Leopold Fitz

Want to read a substantive post with well-considered opinions on racism, economics, war, and government asshattery? Well, this is not that post.This post is to discuss my favorite (non Bill Paxton, obvs) character on Agents of SHIELD, Leopold Fitz. We know him as one-half of Fitz-Simmons, or as simply: Fitz. ( Cut so you don’t get […]

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ZZN Repost: Peter Clines

Time once again for another Zombie Zone News reprint, this time, it’s Peter Clines.  This is from a series we did with Audible.com when they started getting seriously into indie horror.  There are some great authors in this series, more of which will follow in the coming weeks.   Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: […]

Zombie Burger and Drink Lab

From 2011, please enjoy this interview with Chef Formaro of Zombie Burger and Drink Lab, reprinted from Zombie Zone News: Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Chef George Formaro Regular readers know that I get to interview all sorts of cool purveyors of undead culture—actors, novelists, musicians, directors, photographers, and so forth. This is the […]

I agreed to be on TV

Last week, I got an Email from the producer of Thom Hartmann’s show. If you don’t know, he’s a progressive pundit and pretty cool guy. They’d seen one of my phonesex articles at Kinkly.com, and wanted me to talk about phonesex on the show. Like most of the times I get asked to do things, […]

The JoJo Report

JoJo went to HVHS (the vet) today. It was a relatively painless ordeal for all concerned. He’s been licking so much that now the inside of both back legs and the bottom of his belly are both largely bald. But–no scabs, no infection or redness. Just a whole lot of licking for no good reason. […]

Zombie Zone News

Hey kids, As many of you know, I used to have an interview segment at Zombie Zone News. Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday was a ton of fun, and allowed me to trade Emails with some really cool people. However, an error at the website led to most of those interviews being unavailable to […]

Delivery Food for Healthy People

I’ve mentioned that we get Door to Door Organics delivered every other week. This means we have fresh produce for the week when we don’t go to the grocery store. It’s pretty awesome. Right now we have peaches and nectarines. Plus we got garlic, a lemon, green beans, capsecums, and beets for roasting, plus some […]