That hilarious moment when someone who SWEARS they don’t have your Email password and would NEVER use it to intrude on your correspondences pops a friggin gasket at the fact that Email passwords have been changed. Um, how do you even know I changed it if you weren’t trying to use it?Dumbass…

Zombie Zone News Repost: Scott Kenemore

  Scott Kenemore  is a zombie author who needs no introduction.  That’s why I’m not going to bother telling you that he has written satirical zombie tomes on such divergent topics as Buddhism, Corporate Living, Pirates, Nazi’s, and the myriad ways in which human wars can take a cue from the undead.  He is a […]

Rocky Mountain HiiiiIIIIIIgh Colorado

Humidity is my kryptonite. I’ve always known this, but like many things, people kept telling me that the swelling, muscle cramps, backaches, and other symptoms I had would magically disappear as soon as I lost weight. Even as a young kid–like jr high and early high school I complained about shortness of breath, pains while […]

ZZn Repost: Artist Chuck Hodi

  Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Chuck HodiInterview from 2011 Face it, to many people horror means movies.  This is even more true of Zombies.  The movie remains the dominant milieu for undead entertainment.  Sure, there are some great zombie lit being written, and some sweet zombie shooter games around.  Every now and again, […]

My Sweet Baboo

Within a year of meeting H, (summer of 1999) I started referring to him as “Baboo” because of how Sally Brown calls Linus Van Pelt her “sweet Baboo.” I read Peanuts cartoons voraciously as a kid, and had a zillion books of them. So this made perfect sense to me.Eventually, Baboo was shortened to simply […]

Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Stefan Petrucha

This week’s Zombie Zone News reprint is my interview with Stefan Petrucha, who wrote a really good novel about an undead detective. Turns out, he’s also a fascinating cat. This interview is from January of 2012. If you’re not familiar with American writer Stefan Petrucha, you should be. He’s taking zombies in some groovy new […]

ZZN RePrint: The Evil Dead

I’ve been doing Wednesday Reprints of my old Zombie Zone News articles since they can no longer be seen on the site. Taking a break from interviews this week to reshare my article detailing why I hate The Evil Dead–especially when everyone assumes I must love it. I hate The Evil Dead: Explained, because you […]