What I got for Christmas:

What I gave:Balms. Lots and lots of balms. And cards.H made the cards, as usual.We got Girl-H a Ravenclaw hoodie, which she loves.I got H (between his birthday and Xmas)And Onion EncyclopediaFace of Boe T-shirtAndy Capp Hot FriesFancy cherry soda syrupBatman Arkham Asylum for PS3T-shirt with Futurama heads of famous doctorsHellblazer anthology 1A bunch of […]

ZZN Repost: Craig DiLouie

 Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday:  Craig DiLouieReprint of 2011 Interview originally posted at Zombie Zone News.   Tonight we continue 7 authors in 7 days with Craig DiLouie, wherein we feature authors from Permuted Press and Zombiefest at Audible.com.  He writes fiction and non-fiction, stories, articles, and a badass horror blog.  I was thrilled […]

Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Levi George

Livin’ with Steve. Zombie-based humor is huge these days, which is to say, there’s a lot of it. I enjoy a good Zomcom as much as the next guy—with emphasis on good. You gotta have a solid script, some genuine laughs, an enthusiastic cast, and some compelling scenes of undead carnage. The Australian web series […]

Non Zombie related

Skipping this week’s ZZN repost mainly because I’m just not feeling it. The new site I’m writing for is giving me “share post” overload, because I’m constantly being asked to share posts for the dozen+ new articles I’m writing every week. Now for the obligatory statement that all this paid work is taking time away […]