Maniacal Laugh

On the advice of the internets and H, I finally went to the goddamn doctor to talk about the goddamn depression that’s been plaguing me all goddamn winter. It goddamn helped, a little. They suggested all sorts of pills, including many that I’ve tried before: Wellbutrin (makes me manic), Abilify (gives me crazy high blood […]

The weather outside is frightful!

At the Delonis shelter in Ann Arbor, homeless people have to take a drug test before they can be admitted. If they can’t pass a test within three days, they don’t get to stay and work the program. However, if the weather is below 20 degrees F, anyone can stay in the sitting room so […]

Lemme Field this One, Jon

Turned on the Daily Show tonight as I have for years–even when it involved some blonde guy and ended with Five Questions. The last time I watched, Jon confirmed the internet declarations (which I fervently hopes were merely rumors) that he is leaving TDS to do something he probably thinks is more important–though nobody seems […]

Some Things

Posting spoilers for any show, especially within 24 hours of the first airing, makes you a dick. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? #LadyStoneheart, bitches. Bavarian creme is not the same as custard creme. People who make paczkis should know this already. Still, that’s good paczkis. Law articles today. I do find it […]

Kickstarter Time!

After much cajoling and craziness, The Horror Within Kickstarter is up and running. I’ve supported plenty of things at Kickstarter over the years, so it’s my hope that all that good karma will help me now. Yes, I realize I’m referring to a bogus, Americanized version of karma–still, I’m hoping for it. After one day, […]