I’m finally getting it together to put some short stories for sale at Amazon. Now that I’m better at formatting for Kindle, it’s a no brainer that I should be releasing as much as I can for sale. I have to say who the publisher is when I put new stories up on KDP. So […]

It’s cold out there, kids.

Still looking for work, and have a few leads. Got hipped to a gig writing short SEO articles for a company servicing a variety of clients. Got approved right away, and found that for a chance to earn $8, all I’d have to do is:–Research an entire industry to get a baseline of what that […]

The Horror Without…funding.

Whelp, we didn’t make our funding goal. I seem to have dramatically overestimated my own visibility and esteem in the horror community. So, we won’t be having a print mag where we pay pro rates any time soon. Fie! But you know, that doesn’t mean we’re all washed up. We have a sweet masthead, a […]

Money is dumb

For anyone keeping track on whether or not I’ll be taking Latuda–the new med my doc prescribed for me–I’m not. I was a little nervous about the side-effects, like causing crazy mania. H thought I should take it, because the doctor said so. I explained that psyche meds don’t really work like that. It’s not […]