ZZn Repost: Joshua Hoffine.

Picking Brains with Wednesday Lee Friday: Joshua Hoffine. Hoffine has a Kickstarter going on RIGHT NOW that can land you some sweet new art. Joshua Hoffine is a Kansas-born artist with a degree in English Literature. He worked as a professional wedding photographer before moving on to do work for Hallmark, and has been commissioned […]


H and I are only through the first four or so eps of Daredevil.Like everyone keeps saying, it’s good. And yet…I really don’t like Vincent D’nonfrio . I never have. I only watched his Law & Order when they were doing Logan episodes. Duh, Chris Noth > Goren. I was telling H, villains are usually […]

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I’m Wednes and I have cable

The world of cable TV is in flux right now. Consumers may actually come out the winners this time. Did you hear that Comcast complained to the BBB et al about Rob Lowe’s Direct TV commercials? Waaaaaah, they’re funny and people like them. Maybe if Comcast had better customer service than say, the Ferguson police […]

Twitter vs Nuance

It appears that Trevor Noah is the latest comedian to face a shitstorm on the Twitters. Now that he’s been announced as Jon Stewart’s replacement on TDS, bloggers have taken the time to go through his previous years of tweets, searching for things to be outraged about. Of course, they found a few. Among other […]