Behind on work, which is not really a surprise. Computer issues, health stuff going on, depression still not lifting. Woke up today to find the elevator scene from The Shining…in my pants.And if that’s TMI, you obviously haven’t been through middle-school sex ed yet and probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. It’s full of fucking […]

God dammit

I fucking hate Mother’s Day.I hate it. And I hate it even worse when…dammit, I can’t even… I’m fine now.But it’s just such a difficult goddamn day. To be angry on top of it is almost too damn much.Seriously. –the fuck. And you know what’s weird?Mad Men was actually more depressing than Game of Thrones.Isn’t […]

Blah work blah

I remember when summer time meant nothing but reruns on TV, which sucked. After May sweeps, there was pretty much zero good watchin’ until season premieres in September. And as someone who grew up watching an appalling amount of TV, I’m kinda glad that’s changed. As a reviewer though, summer is now my busy season. […]