The Unbearable Lack of Shame

Feeling pretty good about being an American right now: Obamacare held up despite a hilariously nonsensical Alito dissent. Marriage Equality made the law of the land, also despite a hilariously nonsensical Alito dissent. First Amendment protections defended unanimously, albeit for different reasons. Removing the Confederate Flag from state license plates is NOT ruled to be […]

Site Launch, and doing stuff

The new site for The Horror Within is almost ready. Now that the foundation has been laid, it’s just a matter of adding final graphics and organizing everything the way it needs to be. Then getting all the staff accounts ready. Oh, and I’ll need some fiction to share with readers. Sad times, because I […]


You know how ever since I started writing for a living, I haven’t written much fiction at all? Well, I went through some unfinished short stories tonight, instead of going through the Netflix selections–which is what I usually do on a Saturday night, because I are old. Of the four I went through, two of […]