Yeah? So?

A lot of people I went to college with are mourning the death of a classmate. A lot of the same “so young…” “such a shock,” and “How terrible that this should happen to such a [kind description] person” is all over my feed. I’m not able to get on that train. See, the person […]


Been spending less time on the internets lately.Result? I hate people slightly less than I usually do. Facebook does this weird thing now where it keeps automatically switching the feed I’m reading back to the “home” feed. The Home feed has the posts of every (according to FB’s weird “we’re hiding tons of random posts […]

Alright dammit, I give. You win.

I’m admitting for the record that I like The Nerdist.We’re gonna blame/credit @midnight for that.I’ve spent quite some time not understanding why this Hardwick cat had any cred at all, why he was suddenly everywhere, why I should listen to his various nerdy musings. Slowly, I started to find him ever less annoying. He’s friends […]

Honestly, I’m not a dude.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not I’m discriminated against for being a chick. I’m already aware that I get treated like shit on occasion for being fat, for not being Christian, and even for being married to a black guy–yes, even in a liberal town in contemporary America. Every […]


I’m doing a really, super good job of not freaking the hell out even though at least 3 hatchling centipedes have come out of our bathroom faucet in the last 2 days. I dismissed the first one as a random fluke–at H’s behest. That’s after screeching like a little girl, obviously. I am most displeased.H […]


Think I’ll address some of the stupidity I’m seeing on the internets here. It allows me to get it off my ample chest without having to interact with idiots. Here goes: –If you’re opposed to abortion because you’re “sick of women abdicating their responsibilities” you’ve just admitted that you think raising a child for 18 […]

Brooding Male Lead

I was watching Hannibal (the show) recently and was quite taken with the brooding sexiness of Will Graham. That Hugh Dancy is an attractive guy. But when he’s clean shaven and smiling, eh? Not as good IMO. This got me thinking about the popular archetype of the attractive broken guy all the ladies want to […]