What did I get for my birthday? I knew you were dying to know. H got me four new Pop Funko figures: Jason Vorhees (#1 in the hockey mask), Pennywise the Clown, and two from The Walking Dead: Little girl with the plushie, and The Governor. Nice!!! He also took the bus to get us […]

The Refugee Crisis is Making ME Hate America!

How much more disgusted is it possible to be with one’s countrymen? Every time I think I’ve reached maximum disgust between the Tea Party and all their nonsense, in-your-face gun activists who can’t go out to dinner without packing major heat, and Donald Trump being treated as if he’s actually a viable presidential candidate–I get […]


We finally broke down Friday night and turned the heat on. Obvs, heat is expensive and less necessary than air conditioning as far as we’re concerned. Being cold merely means putting on more clothes. Being hot turns our home into a nightmarish hellscape in which no work can be done. Joke’s on us though, because […]

Process and Theme

The NaNoWriMo is upon us once again. I haven’t won it in some time. My first year was 2004. I played and won for five years in a row. And before you say “writing is not a game you play,” let me assure you that the NaNoWriMo can be as much a game as you […]


The time change only went into effect 2 days ago, and what appears to be seasonal depression has already hit me in the face like a fucking cinder block–except I can’t make a makeshift shelf out of it. Ha HA! Yeah, expect a lot of compensating laughter and sarcasm as I attempt to throw off […]