Child, in the building

As most of you know, my relationship with children is complex.There are plenty of individual children that I enjoy very much. I like talking with them, buying them presents, hanging out, watching movies–a lot of the stuff I like to do anyway is more fun to do with an enthusiastic young kid. Also…some kids are […]


I gave H a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Its low price allowed this to be the first time in 15 years together that I’ve bought H any electronics. However, I didn’t keep the secret very well. Five minutes after he opened it he went into his office and returned with a case. Me: “Oh, it […]

H’s Birthday

H’s birthday is more fun for me than my birthday.For my birthday, I throw a party. I clean everything and cook a bunch of food and stress out about invites and reminders and every silly detail. Then the party happens and it’s somewhere between fine and awesome, and then it’s over. For H’s birthday, we […]

More Parents Who Lie and Think it’s Hilarious

Have you seen this picture?Some lady posted it on Facebook, saying how funny it was that her kid would probably never forgive her. The pic got tons of comments of people LOLing and guffawing over how knee-slappingly hysterical it is that the kid was so angry. People are sharing it all over as if this […]

Trolling for trolls.

Been thinking a lot about online trolls. The point of trolling, when it began, was what trolls used to call “causing emotion.” Essentially, the “joke” was that people got mad at stuff that wasn’t real. Why wasn’t it real? Because it was on the internet.When someone says something that isn’t true, you weren’t supposed to […]

How the fuck is it already December?

My annual birthday bash (AKA, amazement that I’m still alive party) was Saturday. As always, there were a handful of people who couldn’t make it. Drag. But plenty of people did make it. There was mediterranean food. I didn’t have time to make falafel at the last minute–so I ordered it from the same restaurant […]