I’m done with the digital portion of this project for my terrible client–who is easily the most arrogant fuckwit I’ve ever had the displeasure to work with. I’m feeling better about life in general, and will be starting up with a new therapist soon. Big thanks to everyone who reached out. You guys are da […]

I don’t know whether the weather will change…

Weather wise, in-between seasons are my most hated times of year. It’s hot in here, 76 degrees in fact–with the door wall slightly open (we can’t open it a lot, because JoJo goes through screens like I go through Nature Valley cashew bars). I turned the fan on (the one that connects through the heat/air) […]

So long, good lady!

Like most of us, I don’t normally answer my phone when I don’t recognize the number. But when it rang around 6:45 this evening, I figured it was either a telemarketer I could mess with, or an amusing wrong number. In fact, it was H’s Aunt Sherry, who I don’t think I’d ever talked to […]