…Only to Face a New Nightmare (Client)

We continue the harrowing saga of Nightmare Client with this: H and I find ourselves close enough to homelessness that we’re having a bit of a fundraiser. So far, people have been very generous and we’re almost halfway to our goal. If any of you would honor us with a small donation or a share–we […]

Why Horror?

Probably the question horror writers get asked the most is “Why Horror?” When I interview people, I ask it too. The answers reveal as much about the author as they do about the power of horror itself. No lie. I’ve been thinking about my earliest introductions to horror, and how I always sort of knew […]

On Second Thought, Go Ahead and Let the Door Hit Ya!

As some of you know, I’ve been dealing with Nightmare Client since last September. He’s the guy who wrote a non-fiction book, didn’t think it needed to be edited, had no idea he would have to market it, and as it turns out–didn’t even bother to learn anything about MSWord before deciding he was an […]

The Weird Name Family

Growing up with the name Wednesday sort of set me apart from other people. It made me seem weird, conspicuous, and different at a time when I wanted nothing more than to be invisible–one of the crowd. I switched schools a lot when I was younger. Once, in second grade, I asked to be called […]

The Cameo

A year or so ago, I bought myself a cameo necklace from Etsy. It was one of those super cheap dealies where the item ships from somewhere in Asia and takes 6 weeks to arrive. It wasn’t a face cameo, it was of a human heart. Lots of veins, plus those giant arteries that lead […]