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Album: Is it a word for Old People?

What is an album? The dictionary gives two definitions, both of which make sense to me. 1. A blank book for the insertion (giggity!) of photos, stamps, coins, etc.2. A collection of recordings released in a single medium–a compact disc, cassette, etc. I was saying the other day that Rob Zombie’s new album kicked ass. That’s mainly because Rob Zombie’s new album kicks ass. Yeah, it sounds a lot like every other Rob Zombie album. But see, when you like…


Access Makes Some People Evil

When I was a kid, if you really wanted to talk to one of your idols, it was a long process. You had to find their fan mail address, which could be very difficult if not impossible. Then you had to hand write a letter, find a stamp, get it mailed (at a mailbox), and wait…and wait…and wait…for a response that might never arrive. When I was a kid I wrote letters to Charles Schulz, Donald J Sobel, Dr Suess,…