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Ode to Olly

Imma talk about Game of Thrones and I’m not gonna cut it even though it has spoilers for earlier in this season. So skip ahead now if you don’t want to know. This is 100% showie information, no book stuff here. I’ve heard several people speak as if they’re “okay” with the death of young Olly. I’m really not. I cried almost as much for Olly as I did for Princess Shireen–though methinks Shireen will be avenged in a few…


How to Safen Up–Safe Style

We haven’t heard anything else from Nightmare Client since we got that ridiculous letter from his rented legal firm. While that may seem like good news, it worries me. Some facts: –Nightmare Client is sure I’m responsible for all of his bad Amazon reviews, and therefore his lack of sales. –I am not responsible for any, and Amazon can verify this if they so choose. –As of the 13th of this month, the 21-day deadline sent by the lawyers will…