Me too.

I know this is an incredibly common viewpoint, but I will be very happy when this election is over. I’m excited to go back to a time when Drumpf’s hideous face wasn’t on my TV and news feed friggin’ constantly. Of course, Drumpf has said that in no way is he starting his own news […]

The Doors, They Are a’Closin’

In case you hadn’t heard, The Horror Within website will be offline as of Nov. Sadly, I have neither the time nor the money to do this project as well as I want to. Too busy trying to chase the green and be a “real writer” to do all the non-essential horror writing that I […]


Finally saw the new Ghostbusters after hearing whinging man-children go on and on about how it’s “unnecessary” and how they’re only making it with women to be “PC.” Because as I’ve explained before–letting ladies star in a movie is a special gift from the men who run the world. Now that we got our lady-movie, […]

Holy Flurking Snit!

Talking about politics is getting ridiculous, even for those of us who don’t feel a need to find euphemisms for the word PUSSY. If you still think Drumpf is the sort of person who should run the country…it doesn’t matter. You’re probably not reading this post anyway. Why would you? I do find it frightening […]

The Peril of a President Pence

In all of our (totally justified) horror over The Donald, we seem to be forgetting something important. Yes, Drumpf is a racist misogynist, a master of demagoguery…we know he’s the personification of mammon, the truest representation of greed, avarice, gluttony for what passes for glory in his world. He’s also woefully inept, a blithering, blustering […]

Racism: More than pointy hats and N-words

Like many of you, I have a family. And within that family, there are a wide range of people who believe things I think are patently batshit. My favorite Aunt told me she’d never vote Bernie because “he’s a socialist.” I have a cousin who swears the min wage shouldn’t be raised because it mostly […]