Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Annual Giving of Things

So, we had Xmas. It was also H’s birthday on the 20th. This means that at the Webster-Friday abode, there was much materialism, indulgence, and slothery. Why slothery? Because I made a commitment to watch #Arrow in its entirety, and I’m now about half-way through season three. Lots of shenanigans to be called on that show–but it’s still a fun watch. Apparently it takes a mere 5 years and a death in your family to become a world-class assassin. Unless…


This Time It’s Personal

It’s well-known by all literate people that I am not a fan of the Great Orange Cyka-Elect. (Look it up, it’s a Russian word, and it’s hilarious) But now, he has reached the subjective and fabled land of TOO FAR. On December 14th, I asserted copyright over the word “Unpresidented.” The context was the vain hope that the Electoral College would do what it was designed to do–rescue us from a Nazi-enabling rapist who’s already in bed with the Russians.…


Stan Versus Evil

I finally finished the first season of Stan Versus Evil. I like it a whole lot. This is strange. See, the show is very much Evil Dead-flavored, but I still like it anyway. Trying to put my finger on exactly what I like about it that I hate about Evil Dead. Maybe it’s just because I adore Dana Gould.Not sure, but I’m stoked for next season.

Good Things That Have Happened Since the Election

Okay, we all know that President Drumpf is going to be a nightmare wrapped in a clusterfuck, wrapped in a urine-soaked hellscape. Chances are, we’ll completely lose our ability to feel outrage by the first State of the Union address. And yet…there are people who are going out of their way to make the best out of what promises to be nonstop global embarrassment. And for these things, we thank you: The crackdown on fake news. Eventually, most of us…