What if I told you…

Yeah, it’s the same depression and doubt that happens all the time. I’d been sleeping too much and tired all the time, even waking up often in the middle of the night. That hasn’t happened much since I started using a CPAP. Turns out, my sinuses were stuffy and it was impeding my breathing. Since […]

Beauty and the Beast

It’s no secret that I take issue with some of the messages in Disney movies. I hate how 90% of the time, everyone looks exactly like what they are. Heroes are attractive, villains are ugly (exception for Snow White’s Evil Queen), fat people are jolly, women have crazy-long hair. And until recently, with minimal exception, […]

My Poor Desk

For those of you who have never visited my home, I have a tiny desk on wheels on one side of my living room. H has the whole office to himself, and I work near the TV so I can do reviews and stuff. JoJo loves climbing all over the desk almost as much as […]

“Words are my life,” said the writer.

I’m not sure what triggered me to be so irritated by an known writer’s claim that “as a writer, words are my life.” Granted, answering every question or prefacing every statement with “As a writer, I…” is already pretentious AF unless you’re doing a signing, workshop, or other event designed to showcase you as a […]