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I’m going to be completely selfish in this post. What’s new, right? I am far too young to have lost so many classmates to early death. Sure, I’m almost 50, (well, turning 47 this year, so closer to 50 than 40) and that’s a lot more time than a lot of people get. Hell, it might be more time than most people get. I haven’t looked it up. At this point, I went to school with people who died and…


I’m Sure I Don’t Know…but Radishes though.

I have a terrible track record when it comes to media and popularity. What I mean is, some of the new shows I hear about…I think are the most disgusting and offensive ideas ever. And then they become huge hits: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (stereotype much)The Biggest Loser (surely people know that’s unhealthy and fake)Storage Wars (strangers fight over cherished possessions of poor people)American Idol (mostly that beginning part where they mock sincere people)Dancing with the “Stars” (who…


What ISN’T Offensive?

Did you see the piece in Teen Vogue about a makeup artist that transformed a white model, giving her the look of a woman of color? Apparently, people are calling this “blackface” and saying how super offensive it is. As you might think, I disagree. Obviously, whether someone is offended is between them and the art. My point is not to tell anyone that they shouldn’t be offended. But blackface and minstrel shows are not remotely the same as using…