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Helpful Tips for Nazis

Dear Nazis, Congratulations! American apathy and misplaced aggression have created an environment that has allowed you emerge proudly from your hidey holes. You white supremacists have always had a wealth of pride, but ya’ll don’t even wear masks anymore. You present yourself as ‘bravely’ unafraid of the repercussions of your bullshit–which can only mean that you either think most people agree with you, or that the few who DO agree with you are powerful enough to protect you from those…



I live in a country with Nazis in it.They helped elect the POTUS, who does not denounce white supremacy.Coincidentally, he does not know even the most basic aspects of world (or even US) history. Which I guess means we’re all condemned to repeat it. Or we would, if climate change wasn’t going to kill us all first. One thing’s for certain…I’m going to continue to smoke as much pot as I fucking want to, because I am sad and hopeless…


Brain vacation

One time, my electric toothbrush battery died. Instead of just brushing analog like a normal person, I stood there frozen–wondering how on earth I was gonna brush my teeth that day. I had to go to work! I couldn’t NOT brush them…This went down in history as my most absurdly absent-minded life events ever. Not a big deal, just a “holy crap, that was dumb” situation. Today, my friends, I think I beat it. We get tons of packages because…