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I have a crush on James Comey

I’m one of those people who enjoys believing in things. I spent decades trying to find the right religion–the one that, upon hearing its tenets I immediately realized this was the thing I’d been looking for forever. Despite reading about every religion I could, past and present, I never found it. Eventually, I resigned myself to the fact that supernatural things are a wish, not a want, and that joining the Satanic Temple made the most sense. It didn’t require…



It’s me, here again with a smooth new H-created logo and a new horror thing I’m gonna try. As soon as my seed funding comes through, I’m becoming one of those housewives who makes and sells soap out of their home. Sounds froofy, right? I get it. You know how every year I do a craft or bake something for my family? I’d been doing lip balms for a while now. I thought people were being polite when they said…