Monthly Archives: February 2018

How would YOU like to give ME some money?

You know how money is sometimes exchanged for goods and services?I’m doing a bit of that now in my Kickass Kickstarter. A KickASSStarter if you will…which you shouldn’t…because that was terrible.   It’s slow going with the raising of funds, but I’m hoping for the best.  I have some great soaps on offer, plus a few things for people who (and I’m told they really do exist) don’t like horror and aren’t looking for ways to work more of it into…



That goddamn This Is Us has become the cryin’est night of my week. Granted, I’m pretty weepy when I watch shows anyway, and this one is carefully orchestrated grief porn. I know it. I don’t care. One thing I’m def taking away from it is the concept of a fun funeral, where the life of the deceased is happily celebrated. I want genuine laughter, maybe a few tears (but not the kind that rip you apart inside), and the kind…