Crawling Eye Pendant by StoneHouse Arts

Crawling Eye Pendant by StoneHouse Arts

Wednesday Lee Friday was born November 24th, 1970 in Royal Oak, Michigan. It was a Tuesday.

After deciding against being a ballerina, an ichthyologist, and a famous singer, she decided to become a novelist just before starting kindergarten.

Wednesday went to college in Olivet, Michigan where she majored in theatre and broadcasting for some reason. She wrote and produced radio dramas for WOCR-FM and directed occasional performances at the Oaks Theatre. Much to her parent’s dismay, she intended to investigate a career in technical theatre.


Photo by Dustin Francis

She began working in professional theater in 1993. She enjoyed it immensely until her paychecks bounced, forcing her to find work that would actually pay the bills. Wednesday worked many varied jobs including fast-food manager, reptile wrangler, tarot reader, radio commentator, activist, cashier in a natural foods market, community organizer, video store manager, phone sex operator, violin sales professional, and concierge to name a few.

S4S 2ed SmallAfter the unexpected closing of her workplace in 2004, Wednesday signed up for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write the novel she had been meaning to write all her life: A Stabbing for Sadie. After its completion the following year, Wednesday began the long and horrible search for a publisher. She amassed a handful (or two) of rejection letters before she finally received a positive response from Kris Stamp of publishing. She has since won five consecutive NaNoWriMos and has retired undefeated from the grueling and electrifying process of month-long novel writing.  A Stabbing for Sadie was released in 2008, and rereleased in a 2nd edition from Crossroad Press in 2014.

Her third novel, Kiss Me Like You Love Me, took three years to write and eventually caused widespread neglect of virtually all other areas of her life. The story of a serial killer and his boyhood friend was released Valentine’s Day 2010. 2nd edition from Crossroad Press 2013.  It is her scariest, darkest novel to date. She is really, super stoked that it’s available for mass consumption.   It can also be found on


Wednesday occasionally produces the podcast, “Take a Stab at This!” available on iTunes (and a few right here at this site). It contains audiobook versions of novel chapters and a few kickass short stories, scored with some truly exceptional music and performed by dedicated and talented actors.  Wednesday Lee Friday has short stories circulating in various magazinesanthologies, and on Kindle. She regularly reviews TV for 411 Mania and is a sex writer for Women’s Health Interactive. Time permitting, she also contributed to The Roots of Loneliness Project.

Wednesday’s fourth novel deals with the terrifying subject of the walking (and cannibalistic) undead. The Finster Effect is now available from Crossroad Press in all major epub formats.  Award-winning actress Nancy Linari narrates The Finster Effect audiobook, available at Amazon and


For one wacky year, she attempted to make comics for a transient mag called Resilient BrainforestStig and the Puppetman, mismatched roommates who each bear terrible, bloody, and hilarious secrets.  She learned Adobe Illustrator, and that she is not a comic, at all.

Wednesday later became the managing editor of Under the Bed magazine, a horror fiction monthly and part of the eFiction family.  She served happily there until December 2014, when she decided to branch out on her own.

Her first collection, Creepy, Stabby, and Mentally Odd is now available on

Wednesday Lee Friday lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with some carnivorous plants and her husband.  She is a proud HWA member, and has a wide range of interests including (but not limited to) abnormal psychology, cooking, Alfred Hitchcock movies, crafty things, mourning geckos, quality horror of all kinds, and tart dried cherries. With her husband, she owns and operates the spooky soapery: Scared Soapless. Wednesday Lee Friday believes that no human being is truly evil, and that no subject in the world should be off-limits to comedy. You can follow Wednesday all over the internets–though she is no longer on Livejournal.  The 2016-2017 adjustments to their TOS made further use of Livejournal untenable.

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