Conspiracy? Yes, please!

Remember when Archie Bunker and his ilk called hippies “pinkos”? That’s because liberal-scum-types were supposedly tinged by the foul redness of communism. Russians used to be the bad guys. Their government restricted information, kept its people in poverty to preserve a ruling class, and generally did all the stuff you read about in Animal Farm. Or Red Dawn

But…now xenophobic Drumpf supporters suddenly think Russia is awesome.
Just what the sam hell crap is up with THAT?!?

Remember when Russians bought Livejournal? It was right after they tricked almost everyone into buying lifetime memberships.

I bet it was to give them a glimpse into American internet culture so they could get clues on how to best manipulate us later on.

Remember that Trololololo guy? Yeah, that was part of it too. Virality gives the Reds a look into our online behavior, so they could see what foolish, skimming share-monkeys we all are. If nothing else, they learned how many people will comment on, or even share articles they haven’t even read…because they agree with the (often misleading) headline.

Just sayin’

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Meanwhile, it looks like the Cyka-elect is even more cyka than we realized. The internets are being told by some Brit that the Russians have footage of The Donald having a golden shower party with hookers, arranged for the express purpose of befouling a bed that the Obamas slept in. That’s just…proof that even as we thought there was nowhere lower than the underside of rock, rock bottom–Drumpf will go lower than that.