Delivery Food for Healthy People

I’ve mentioned that we get Door to Door Organics delivered every other week. This means we have fresh produce for the week when we don’t go to the grocery store. It’s pretty awesome. Right now we have peaches and nectarines. Plus we got garlic, a lemon, green beans, capsecums, and beets for roasting, plus some bananas. It’s $23 for Door to Door Organics to deliver it to my door. When they show up, they actually knock instead of just leaving it somewhere. And they take the box, cooling packs, and packing materials from the previous week away for recycling. If a piece of produce is ever bad (or like recently, there is a recall) they refund in full if you let them know via Email.

Nature Box v Graze

I wanted to get more snacky stuff around so I’d be less likely to eat chips (my fave) or baking cookies or brownies for snacks. I ordered Graze because it was cheap and seemed to have yummy choices. And they do. The deliveries are easily recognizable, which means I have to watch for it so my neighbors don’t steal it. The snacks are varied and pretty tasty. A lot of dried fruit, nuts, and trail mix type stuff. They offer tiny bags of microwave popcorn, but I’ve never gotten the knack of those. The problem? A box contains four portions, and they are one small single serve for one person.

My sister-in-law hipped me to a special with Nature Box where you could get their $20 box for $10. One Nature Box contains 5 bags of snacks. Each bag is supposed to contain 4-5 servings, but I’d say it’s more like 3 for a reasonable person who is actually hungry when they snack. The choices seemed about as good as Graze. They arrived promptly, and the bags were indeed, bigger. The problem? They weren’t that great. Everything was salty and heavily flavored, which attempted to mask sub par ingredients. Some of it was downright rank. Chocolate quinoa granola sounds awesome, doesn’t it? I assure you it is ghastlier than a thousand ghouls. The good stuff, like dried pineapple, came in a 3oz bag. That’s not very much IMO.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed. I wasn’t wild about Nature Box, but Graze just wasn’t getting the job done. I decided to cancel Nature Box, since there’s no reason to pay for something I don’t love–remember, later deliveries would have been $20 each. I went back to Graze’s website to get one delivery a week, instead of every other week. That’s when I saw that Graze is about to start larger delivery boxes much more akin to what Nature box is doing–with their usual higher quality of food.

They haven’t started yet, but I’m on the list so they’ll tell me once the new boxes are available for order.